Could this have been the very first parody of The Mindy Project? From over 10 years ago?

Also discovered in an old Dartmouth Jack-o-Lantern: this parody of a comic strip in the campus newspaper circa the year 2000.  The actual strip was called “Badly Drawn Girl,” written and drawn by a student named Mindy Chokalingam. I wonder whatever happened to her…

Sort of Funny Girl

UPDATE: Point of clarification, the above was NOT written or drawn by Mindy. Sadly, I can’t remember which staff member came up with it…  I just thought it was interesting that her college comic strip (as characterized in this parody) bears some similarity to an excellent show currently airing on Fox…  Hmm…

UPDATE 2: Someone has created a tumblr featuring some of the original comic strips parodied here.

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