A (very) brief trip down memory lane…

Just spent some time looking through old issues of the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern, a college humor magazine I wrote for way back in the day.  I created a lot of stuff for them, but for some reason I never put my name on my favorite thing of all:  Rejected Smurfs (Volume 1)

It was only here you could find such unsung heroes as…

Nothing to Live For Smurf

And the dynamic duo of…

Compulsive Masturbator Smurf

Not to mention my personal favorite…

Tinkles With His Pants Down Smurf

Why aren’t the smurfs blue, you ask? Because we couldn’t afford color ink.

Bonus (re)discovery:

My absolute favorite headline from our campus news parody issue…

Moon-Earth-Greek System

(That was written at a time when students — specifically those on the college newspaper — treated every decision by the administration, no matter how insignificant, as an assault on the school’s ever-sacred fraternities and sororities)

One thought on “A (very) brief trip down memory lane…

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