Who knew Fantasy Football analysts could be so fickle?

Actually, I should’ve known that.  Anyone who plays fantasy football knows that.  Fantasy Football analysts are fickle.  They’re inconsistent.  Their criteria for grading players changes from week-to-week.   How many times have you read a column from a FF analyst where they ragged on Player A, only to see them use the same logic a week later to praise Player B?   How often do fantasy experts qualify their advice with so many conditional words like “but” and “if” that the advice offers you no help whatsoever?  (Side note: My least favorite pundit expression is “I wouldn’t be surprised if…” It’s a complete non-statement that allows the “expert” to basically have it both ways — if it happens, they can say they saw it coming, if it doesn’t, they can say they saw that too.)

The answer to both those questions is “too often to count.”

Anyways, my attempt to actually gauge and compare the quality of advice given from the most reputable analysts (plus Dr. Juan) was a resounding failure.  Merely looking at their weekly lineup recommendations and trying to assign point values to how good it was turned out to be quite frustrating, to say the least.  Worse yet — I kept losing subjects, either because they couldn’t even keep their jobs or because they just didn’t offer enough consistency in their advice.

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